About Freedom Warranty

All Makes. All Models. We offer Vehicle Service Contracts on vehicles­—from economy to luxury, with coverage plans from 3 months to 10 years, and options available for vehicles up to 20 Years Old and Up to 200,000 Miles.

Chances are if a vehicle is on the road, we have a plan for it. That means, Freedom Warranty says “Yes,” when other companies say, no.

Our contracts are easy to understand, with straightforward language and a minimum of legalese. We want you to understand what you are paying for, and how to file a claim if you need to use your coverage. Customers want to talk to real people, not machines. No problem. Freedom Warranty customer service is second to none.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built with dealers and customers. We believe in people.

Too many companies let technology take the lead in the customer experience—leaving customers feeling like it is impossible to get the answers they need. We expect to answer your questions, and resolve any issues, the first time you call for service.